I just want to thank you for helping us!  What a difference you have made in our lives! – Allie, Mother of 1 year old

"We did it! Some big goals achieved already! In utter disbelief how easy this was."  -Jamie, mother of 10 mo old

"I'm so thankful for all your awesome advice. It makes me so hopeful that we can ease our sons fears and anxiety.”-Angela, mother of 3 yr old

"Oh my God, Lydia. HE ALMOST SLEPT THE ENTIRE NIGHT!" -Eric, father of 12 mo old after night 4 of coaching

We were literally on the verge of losing it when we hit the 7 month mark with olive and decided to contact you! Now she is 2 and not only does she sleep through the night, she will often sleep until 8:30! – Casey, mother of a 7 mo old

Yesterday and today she went down for Kim almost instantly. We are blown away. odd thing I wanted to tell you about though, is that she has been asking me to leave the room at night. I put her in bed like usual and she fidgets, so I ask her if she would be less distracted if I left the room. For the past two nights she said "yes" and fell right to sleep. Kim and I are floored. I guess she is ready to go to sleep by herself! -George, Father of 22month old